Safe as houses!Peace of mind with home contents insurance

Your furniture, belongings or decorations are not automatically insured against theft, fire, vandalism and burst pipes. Monitoring Group strongly advise you to take out contents insurance.


How can you get contents insurance?

Either by making an arrangement with an independent insurance provider, or by joining the home contents scheme available to London Borough’s. – for as little as 95 pence per week for £9,000 cover!


Who is eligible for the scheme?

The scheme, provided by Allianz Insurance PLC, is available to tenants in permanent accommodation and you must have a clear rent account to be eligible.


How to pay

The cost of the insurance  is payable with your rent. When your application is accepted you will receive a policy handbook and schedule of insurance.


What will the insurance cover?

Most of your household goods and contents will be insured in your home. The policy also covers replacement of external locks if your keys are stolen and the contents of your freezer. Full details of the policy cover are available on request.


Will you be insured against the new or original cost of any stolen contents?

All your home contents are covered by the policy on a ‘new-for-old’ basis. This does not include linen or clothing, which will be replaced at their current cost less an amount for wear and tear.

Before taking out the insurance, you should think carefully about the level of cover you need. If you are uninsured, the settlement of your claim could be affected.


How do you apply?

Application forms are available from your local housing office.


  • To make sure you are always covered you must keep up to date with your payments.
  • You will not be allowed to make a claim unless your payments are up to date.
  • If you do not pay your insurance premium for six weeks your cover will be cancelled
  • As you will pay your insurance premium with your rent you must not accrue arrears on your account. If you fall behind with your rent payments the policy will be cancelled.
  • Any payments you make will go first to rent, then to other charges, and finally to insurance.