Are you thinking about having a new door installed at your work premises? Take a look at the recommended materials!

What are Steel Doors?

Steel doors are often used in premises where the property is susceptible to attack when vacant. We can supply these doors as replacements, rather than conducting door repairs on wooden fire exits, where the rear or side of the building can be accessed without trouble and away from public view.

We also manufacture and install steel doors with toughened, glazed panels for main entrances on commercial buildings. This has the effect of combining aesthetics with security. Find out about steel doors.

The end result is a reliable product that looks pleasing to the eye and, more importantly, is entirely secure when you need it to be.

Examples of steel door usage: banks, commercial buildings and high street stores.

Considering steel doors for your business?

To make a steel door blend in with the front of your business, your installer may be able to can fit a natural looking wooden door with a solid steel core, embedded and fitted into a wooden clad steel frame. See advantages here.

In addition, multipoint mechanisms and high security cylinders are used, providing the ultimate in commercial door security. These doors are extremely secure and tests have shown that they can even resist force such as battering rams.

Are wooden doors your prefered choice of door?

Wooden Doors

If a steel door isn’t quite what you’re looking for, we recommend a solid wooden core door that has the ability to withstand the attacks of battering rams, crowbars and other weapons.

This door has proven to be able to be hit with a sledge hammer numerous times and still return to its previous state. In association with high security locking mechanisms, this door has qualities that steel doors just cannot achieve.