Fixed Wireless Network Services


Microwave Wireless Bridge Installation 

 For businesses which have more than one building of work, microwave links are a way of sharing a network to provide internet access and share files across the different offices.

Devices are installed at the top of each building to send data back and forth and can be used with both wired and wireless networks to achieve this.

It is an alternative to running underground cables between two properties and an alternative to having the same cabling installed multiple times across buildings.


Fixed Wireless Network Services

Microwave technology can be used as a means of providing a network for your business in just a single building too.

Even wireless technology like microwave internet connections requires cables to hook something up to a network, like a router for example.

Fixed wireless network services can provide an internet connection to a building using only a router, a transmitter (to be placed on your building) by utilising transmission towers.

This means that an internet connection can be established without the need for a router to be connected to existing cables.

If you are building a network from scratch, this option could eliminate the need for network cabling in your building as the connection is managed from afar saving money on installing and maintaining cables.

In many environments Wireless Networks are faster, more reliable and more secure than traditional ‘fixed line’ solutions; in every environment, they are significantly more cost-effective. More.



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Repairs and Maintenance

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